Magento: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted (tried to allocate Y bytes)

Usually this is due to an miscoded or misguided error, but in case you try to login into magento on the front end, and you get this message, think back!

In our case, we made an account field mandatory. When a user tried to login and he/she did not fill that field before we made it mandatory, than the above message can occur.

Suspect fraud paypall payments magento

Sometimes when using paypall, rounding vars are not set ok.  0.0003 eur difference, gives a fraud detection.

Change the source. (make sure you work in local, not core.)

Then, change the following tables:

  1. sales_flat_order:  Change state and status columns both to ‘processing’
  2. sales_flat_order_grid: Change status to ‘processing
  3. sales_flat_order_status_history Change status to ‘processing’

Then you can work with your order/invoice again…

Multiple magento installations and invoice numbers

eav_entity_type table has some settings you might be careful about using. But still, sometimes it is needed.

To separate invoice number ranges, use 1 in field ‘increment’. To share the number, use 0.

This can also be applied with the other ranges…