The cookie law stated that functional cookies are allowed, but to let the user show the contents of the cookie. Then all doubt will be gone. Because we all use pyrocms, this should be sufficient.

As shown in: cookie law sample use the following installtion steps:
  1. put the plugin into your addons/shared_addons/plugins  folder.
  2. create a page like on the sample above
  3. use the following snippet to display the data:
          {{ cookielaw:show values=”yes” protectedvalues=”group_id|user_id” }}
               <tr><td>{{ key }}</td><td>{{ value }}</td></tr>
          {{ /cookielaw:show }}
  4. configure your plugin via:  values and protected values.
    values: display values as well as the keys which are in the cookie
    protectedvalues:  these keys and values are not show to the user because security issues.
And you are following the law.
Use the cookie only as a functional cookie, than this plugin is for you.
Use protection and encryption for your cookies in the config.php.
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