My mac is ventilating – it is lifting off.. Help

Questions I get lately, is that the mac is making a lot of noise. The Fans are spinning in high gear and OSX itself is slow. Responding slow.

There are some wise-ass answers like buy a new mac, but that is actually not nescecary in some cases. First look in activity of your system. Start the following app:

In my case the process “accountSD” was using about 500% of CPU. This process is used to check and handle all objects related to your account. Online and offline. But it appeared to be running in a loop. Solution, SMC and NV Ram reset!

For SMC you need to check which version of hardware you have. with or without T2 chip.

In dutch: SMC herstellen. NV-RAM opnieuw instellen
In english: reset SMC. reset NV RAM

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