Solar next generation

Just found a video from a friend of mine (Walter) to share with you.

This gives more hope for the future. have a battery ready for the nights and load per day in any kind of weather. LOVE IT!!! Looks like also much better for the environments.

Save energy, save money, save yourself

Well, the current government is forcing us to get rid of gas by making the prices too high. Blaming it on Ukraine and Russia, but research shows, there is enough in our country to supply us. So, ok, lets find out how we can avoid the high prices ourselves. Not being depended on our “govermnent”, to get our prices low.

March 2021. Current price (we are lucky our contract is to next year). We pay 210 eur per month.

First, we started with 16 solar panels. This brought our monthly prices down to 125 eur per month. Now we want to continue to get rid of natural gas.

Here you see the prices in europe. We are on the highest prices in all europe. So, Thank you government and let us spend money. Unfortunately not many here can afford it. Luckily we can afford it a bit.

Next project, get rid of gas. We use heating (not in summer), showering and cooking on gas.Per year we use about 2200 m3 of gas. New prices, that would mean about 622 eur per year. Add transport costs, tax, and other mocked up costs, it will be around 1800 eur per year. this means about 150 eur per month average. Natural gas only. The easiest thing to handle is cooking. Induction seems to be the best start to do.

Next to that you also have a car on gasoline. avg 50 km per day, + holidays, means about avg 600-800 eur per month. So electric is much cheaper and we have now electric. This helped.

Electricity cost in jan 2021 about 0,24 per kwh. now in holland it is, 0,67 per kwh. good, electric car avg on same milage as gasoline, costs about 223 eur per month now (was 160 per jan 2021)

This means you need to transfer it all to electric.

So a household. About 4500 kwh per year. electric car means about 2000 kwh per year. With 16 soloarpanels, you can balance that.

Next -> what will we do with induction, shower and heating. This will take some time to get this handled. We are looking to batteries and windturbines. Seems nice, let see how we can do that! Check this wiki, we will update when we have the next step done.