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Windturbine / energy

Ok, first look at the following figures: Windkracht in Beaufort Meter per second knots KM per hour  0 = windstil 0.0  –  0.2         1           1    1 = slow wind 0.3  –  1.5    1 –  3     1 –   5    2 = slow wind 1.6  –  3.3    4 –  6     6 –  11    3 = avg wind 3.4  –  5.4    7 – 10    12 –  19    4 = avg wind 5.5  –  7.9   11 – 16    20 –  28    5 = strong wind 8.0  – 10.7   17 – 21    29 –  38    6 = strong wind 10.8  – 13.8   22 – 27   39 –  49    7 = very strong wind 13.9  – 17.1   […]

Solar next generation

Just found a video from a friend of mine (Walter) to share with you. This gives more hope for the future. have a battery ready for the nights and load per day in any kind of weather. LOVE IT!!! Looks like also much better for the environments.

Save energy, save money, save yourself

Well, the current government is forcing us to get rid of gas by making the prices too high. Blaming it on Ukraine and Russia, but research shows, there is enough in our country to supply us. So, ok, lets find out how we can avoid the high prices ourselves. Not being depended on our “govermnent”, […]

My mac is ventilating – it is lifting off.. Help

Questions I get lately, is that the mac is making a lot of noise. The Fans are spinning in high gear and OSX itself is slow. Responding slow. There are some wise-ass answers like buy a new mac, but that is actually not nescecary in some cases. First look in activity of your system. Start […]

OSX El capitan will not install

There is a problem with installing El Capitan. On installation, when the server is being checked, the installation will fail with a messaging saying the os x could’nt be install on the computer, please contact the software editor to get help. I called apple and they said they can’t give me any tech support, i […]

Verify and Repair Disk Permissions via Terminal (Mac OS X)

Verify Permissions diskutil verifyPermissions / Repair Permissions diskutil repairPermissions / Verify and Repair Volume via Terminal (Mac OS X) Launch Terminal from your Dock, Utilities folder, or via an app launcher like Alfred. Once launched, type or paste in the following command. diskutil verifyVolume [drive name] So, for your main hard drive, you could type or […]

How to Move Your Email to Another Mac

If you use Apple’s Mail application, there will probably come a time when you’ll want to move your email messages and email account to another Mac. Maybe you just purchased a new Mac. Or maybe you’ve kept your personal email at work, and you now want to move those emails and that account to your […]

Change Prices of Items added to Cart in WooCommerce

Sometimes we have to recalculate product prices and their totals when products are already added to the cart depending on some Luckily the Cart Object allows to do cool stuff and create any condition. First off all let me show you a very simple example, where we just set the custom price for all products […]

Hosts tabel aanpassen i.v.m. verhuizingen

Wanneer u bezig bent met het verhuizen van uw website en u nog niet de dns hebt aangepast kunt u de nieuwe site niet bereiken onder de domeinnaam. De dns wijst immers nog steeds naar de oude locatie. We kunnen hier gebruik maken van het hosts file dat op zowel unix (gebaseerde) systemen linux, freebsd, […]