How To Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts Simultaneously

One of the most useful computer applications that I’ve come across so far is Dropbox. There are alreadycountless articles about this automatic folder backup and synchronization tool here in MakeUseOf, including manyusage spin-offs like: synchronizing research data andtriggering automatic downloads.

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OSX lion and Mountain Lion – flush cache the hard way….

Until now I used ‘dscacheutil -flushcache’ to flush my cache.. When one develops sites the cache is the time consuming factor in this flow. However.. it did not work anymore. Although, not fast enough for me, so I was looking and found the following command on the apple site itself (rtfm ? ) :

 sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

This one worked like a charm.. Please update your development hours with this 1 command.