My mac is ventilating – it is lifting off.. Help

Questions I get lately, is that the mac is making a lot of noise. The Fans are spinning in high gear and OSX itself is slow. Responding slow.

There are some wise-ass answers like buy a new mac, but that is actually not nescecary in some cases. First look in activity of your system. Start the following app:

In my case the process “accountSD” was using about 500% of CPU. This process is used to check and handle all objects related to your account. Online and offline. But it appeared to be running in a loop. Solution, SMC and NV Ram reset!

For SMC you need to check which version of hardware you have. with or without T2 chip.

In dutch: SMC herstellen. NV-RAM opnieuw instellen
In english: reset SMC. reset NV RAM

OSX 10.15.6 – bit buggy – but there is a solution now!

OSX 10.15.6 was a bit buggy. I updated my mac, and while working on normal power, it seems to work fine. No problems, no bugs.

I started to work on the battery and time after time, computer just stops. just restarts when I came back to my desk, or wanted to browse or see mail, and ………. nothing. Just frozes.

So, reset NV-RAM did not work, reset SMC did not work, called apple care, well, they gave me the standard points first while I already knew and tried. So, I was sending in reports and keeping my mac on regular power… until… new update 10.15.7.

I installed it. I kept my breath, and kept it and kept it.. Hmmm.. Needed to breath. no more freezing. Pfffff.. YEAH I CAN WORK AGAIN!

So, now you can update. When you still find some weird points, first thing to do is reset the NVRAM and SMC. For SMC you need to check which version of hardware you have. with or without T2 chip.

In dutch: SMC herstellen. NV-RAM opnieuw instellen
In english: reset SMC. reset NV RAM

OSX El capitan will not install

There is a problem with installing El Capitan. On installation, when the server is being checked, the installation will fail with a messaging saying the os x could’nt be install on the computer, please contact the software editor to get help.

I called apple and they said they can’t give me any tech support, i guess cause my computer is too “old”.. I tried a few times, can’t go back with my old os and i’m stuck on the installation program.

Solution was actually very simple. El Capitan disk has an embbed security certificate that has expired in 2016. Just change your system date, let’s say to 01/01/2015, install El Capitan, then change the date back to today. Actually, this will be done automatically.

Open terminal and enter:

-bash-3.2#  date 0101010116

Then reboot!

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